Why Choose St. Paul?

Choosing the right preschool or daycare center is a tough decision for parents, particularly when it’s the first child.  You are likely already feeling anxiety about leaving your little little one in the care of strangers, so how do you decide?

It’s important to remember that the preschool or daycare center that you select will play an important role in your child’s early education and development.  A professional preschool is so much more than a baby-sitting service.  A good center will provide a safe, comfortable environment that is structured and supervised, with clear educational objectives and an established curriculum.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church established the Christian Day School (CDS) in September 1968, as an outreach to the community.  In the first years of operation, classes were held in the mornings either two or three days per week.   As our school grew, greater choices were developed for all age groups. Our building has nine well equipped classrooms.

St. Paul  CDS is a New York State licensed program.  We offer half-day and full-day sessions, breakfast and late-pick-up for children eighteen months through five years. We are very  proud of our park-like safe school playground which was recently refurbished with new equipment thanks to our Enrichment Fund Parent Volunteers. These parents worked on amazing fundraisers to help pay for our new playground and gym equipment

Start children off on the way they should go

and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

Proverbs 22:6

By choosing St. Paul Christian Day School, you will be giving your child a unique head start in life.  Our program is designed to prepare children for a lifetime of learning through a loving, Christian environment. When your child graduates, he or she will be spiritually, physically, academically and emotionally prepared for the next educational milestone:  

  • Spiritually– St. Paul provides children with a strong, biblical foundation by planting the Word of God in their hearts at a young age
  • Physically– We encourage physical activity and engage children in fun and enriching activities to strengthen gross and fine motor skills; children play games and do a variety of arts and crafts projects
  • Academically– Our qualified teachers are dedicated to ensuring your child is ready to enter grade school after graduation
  • Emotionally– Children learn valuable life skills and social skills in a safe, nurturing environment that promotes Christian values.

A typical day at St. Paul includes age-appropriate academic instruction, games and activities designed to enhance learning, art, music, beginning literacy and math, social and critical thinking skills and supervised free play.




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