Your donations sustain those things that we care deeply about – our worship, our fellowship, our education, our families and our youth.  Your gifts enable us to have strong and active ministries.  They also help support our operating budget which maintains our facilities and compensates our staff.

As an alternative to using your giving envelopes, we offer electronic giving.  Contributions can be debited automatically from your checking or savings account.  Our electronic giving program offers convenience for you and much needed donation consistency for our congregation. It is very flexible. You can set up your automatic payments to whatever best fits your finances by choosing the frequency and amount of your donation.  You would no longer need to write out checks or prepare your giving envelopes.  If your circumstances change, you can easily increase or decrease your donation amount.

You have the option of contributing to the following funds:

  • General Fund
  • Capital Fund
  • Other specific ministries

Electronic Giving is an easy, secure way for members to make their regular contributions to St. Paul and now its easier than ever!  Please click the “Secured Giving Online” button below to get started.  If you have any questions, please contact the church office 845-634-5574.

Secured Giving Online

Other Ways to Give:

Bank Bill Pay

Another method of making electronic donations is through your Bank’s Bill Pay program.  You can set up an one time gift or a recurring gift through your own bank’s electronic bill pay service that is automatically deducted and sent to St. Paul on dates of your choosing.  Online Giving through your bank is easy, safe and secure.  Please look at the  Bill Pay section of your bank to learn how to make donations via your checking or savings account.

Offering Envelopes

Weekly offering envelopes are a great way to combine your giving with attendance at worship services. Simply drop your gifts in the offering plate, and your personalized envelope number will assure that your contributions are properly credited. Offering envelopes can also be mailed if you can’t attend a service.  Contact the church office if you need a supply of offering envelopes.

Thrivent Choice Dollars Designation

Do you currently have investments with Thrivent Financial for Lutherans?  If so, you may be eligible for directing designated Choice Dollars through Thrivent Choice.  Eligible members can recommend St. Paul as the beneficiary of some of Thrivent’s charitable outreach grant dollars.  A great way to give to St. Paul is by simply participating in this program!

Stocks and Securities

Gifts of appreciated stocks and securities can be an excellent way to share God’s gifts.  For more information call the church office at 845-634-5574.

Mission & Ministry Focus

Are you passionate about a cause, either close to home or in the world at large?  God’s kingdom extends beyond the walls of Family of Christ, and so can your giving. Watch the Worship Bulletin for opportunities for special contributions during the year.

Time & Talents

In addition to your financial gifts, your time and talents can make an enormous difference in accomplishing God’s plan on Earth.  Talk to Pastor Rhonda about how you might use your gifts of time and talent in St. Paul ministries.